The best place to meet singles.

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This morning I looked at my emails like I normally do, and I saw the 2018 results for the best of La Crosse County survey. It’s a survey in my area where they ask people what they feel is the best of a specific category such as best burger or best place to get a massage Etc. Now I am not single, in fact as of this Saint Patrick’s Day it will be our 10th anniversary of our first date, but I just happened to read among the things I skim read in the survey results the response that people put for where to find singles. According to the 2018 best of La Crosse County survey, the best place to find singles was the write in response: Church.

Now before you rush to judgement thinking that lacrosse is a very religious and conservative area, let it be known that is far from the case. Yes La Crosse County does have churches, because every Community has churches of course, but La Crosse is far from being that way at all. Not only is it politically one of the most liberal counties in the entire state of Wisconsin, but it also is at one point surveyed to be the sixth most drunk City in the entire country, it is also the worst pay per hour rate County in the entire state, and it also has its own lgbtq organization in the downtown area. Yet in spite of all these things, the average person of lacrosse County voted that the best place to meet singles is at church. What does this survey result say? It tells me one of two things…

Either A) you can be cynical and think that a bunch of old people voted for the survey, even though when you look at the survey all the responses are not in reflection to that, or B) even though much of the country is demonizing God small town people still overall feel that in some way shape or form God has to come into play to a degree when it comes to finding a wife or husband. That’s encouraging to me as a Christian, because in spite of what the mainstream media reports about how our society is becoming, surveys like this every now and then will burst its bubble. If people truly meant that when they voted for church as a great place to meet singles, then it shows that there is still hope yet and that we can’t believe the Doom and Gloom that some people might say about our world today. Even though not everybody is necessarily going to be on the same page if you were to ask the same people who God is and how important God is to them, at the very least it shows that we have not completely kicked God out of our society. It also shows me, that there are enough people out there and lacrosse area that believe the same thing I did 10 years ago when I was first meeting my now-wife. You can’t find a daimond in a sewer.

Time and time again I hear of single people lament about why they can’t find a good person to settle down with. The answer that I have given to people when they have said this and told me that they usually go to the bar to look for people, I can’t help but lovingly tell them that they’re looking in the wrong place. Oh sure you’ll definitely have some fun at the bar if you’re like most Americans and some have found that future spouse there as well, but the fact of the matter is if you really want something long-term and fulfilling in a future spouse the bar is rarely the best place to go. Although the church is not the best answer for everyone, it is a great answer because of the moral values you will find there in comparison to the bar. There are definitely exceptions to this principle, because I met my wife on Myspace 10 years ago, and some have met there love at a festival, or high school, or an organization like the YMCA,the gym, the grocery store, and the list goes on. However, overall it holds true, in spite of what some will tell you the bar is not the best place to meet singles because it is a place where people are still growing up and a place where people want short term benefits rather than those other places where people are soberly calculating more long term what is important and why. Whether you agree with this or not that’s what the research in my area shows and I can’t help it but find it to be fascinating, a little funny, and inspiring. If you are single I pray in the name of Jesus that you will find a spouse that will be a great fit for you long term that with pleasure you will want to spend the rest of your life with.

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