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Homeless for the Holidays: A DVD Review

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A Bridgestone Film

Believe it or not, I remember watching this on TV once locally. It was a couple of years ago I was watching one of my local television channels when I saw this unusual obscure title on the programming list. I was reminded of Homeless for the Holidays years later while looking around online for Christian Christmas films. When I was reminded of this, I had to ask myself: “why didn’t I like this again?”

Homeless for the Holidays is an independent film about a wealthy marketing director who gets fired from his job, due to a wrongfully accused situation he is pinned upon. Jack Baker with his reputation now ruined cannot find ANY job, until he pushes his way into a minimum wage fast food job. The idea of dressing up as a penguin is embarrassing enough, but things get real tough and discouraging when his power gets shut off and the bank is ready to foreclose on his house if some serious cash doesn’t fall into his hands. Will his family really be homeless for this Holiday? What will Jack and his family learn? And will he ever get his job back with his reputation restored? Homeless for the Holidays had a good premise, especially because this was said to be based off of a true story. I liked the fact the movie was discouraging Christmas to be about material things, and instead was promoting something worth while like family. In fact, one might argue this might be a modern-day parable of The Book of Job.

However, overall I’m not much of a fan of this film. My first complaint is Jack Baker’s personality. I get the idea you’re supposed to not like Jack at the beginning of the film, because he is egotistical and obsessed with his job, but I just didn’t like much of his personality throughout the entire film even when he was being humbled. Of course maybe part of this feeling comes from the fact the acting was terrible. Most of the people in this movie unfortunately sound like they’re either over acting, inauthentic, or just down right cheesy. Speaking of cheesy, certain story elements I strongly felt were quite cheesy like when Jack’s first dawning the Penguin suit and especially the ending itself when things just get resolved perfectly as though the accusation was never even made. Not planning to buy this movie, but if a friend gave me a choice of whether to watch Homeless for the Holidays or a Holiday Fluff film like Adventures of Bailey: Christmas Hero I would much-much rather watch Homeless for the Holidays.

Movie Rating: 2 out of 5 stars.


The Little Drummer Boy: A VeggieTales DVD Review

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A VeggieTales movie

This is an uncommon, but nevertheless famous Christmas movie. I love Christmas movies so long as they actually have a Christmas element contained within and unfortunately that is harder to find in recent years… Now normally I am not a fan of revised movies, but The Little Drummer Boy is an idea which hasn’t been done very often and I usually like what I see from VeggieTales so I bought this and wanted to watch this for myself.

The Little Drummer Boy is about a young man who was alive during the time of the Roman Empire, more specifically around the time of Jesus’ birth. His home is burnt to the ground and he believes his parents are dead so he is filled with bitterness and unforgiveness. While playing his drum in the desert, the drummer’s life changes significantly as he meets people along the road…

I honestly haven’t seen the other Little Drummer Boy movie I’ve heard of, and I plan to watch that one sometime in the near future, but I liked the VeggieTales Rendition. I thought the Silly Song The 8 Polish Foods of Christmas was both hilarious and educational; in fact I’d like to try a few of those foods now lol. I liked the story it was something different and it was one which actually had a focus on Christ; which again is not a very common element nowadays unfortunately. I liked the song at the end of the film by Bebe and Cece Winans. This was funny and cute, and it looks like something kids/kids at heart would like to watch. I wasn’t bored and recommend this for people of all ages.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

It’s a Meaningful Life: A VeggieTales DVD review

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Veggie Tales

Christmas is my favorite Holiday so forgive me for writing another review that probably should have been done earlier in December 2010… let alone one about Veggie Tales so soon, but they make such good movies!  Like my Saint Nicholas review, I found the time to watch this movie just recently. Anyway It’s a Meaningful Life was another Veggie Tale movie I enjoyed. Although I have not seen the original movie this is based on, I don’t believe if I had seen it that it would have made the movie viewing experience less enjoyable.

It’s a Meaningful Life is about a guy named Stewart (probably named in honor of Jimmy Stewart) who was supposed to catch the game winning football, but accidentally tripped over Morty Bumble, who is the one who catches the football instead. Anyway, Stewart has some financial problems keeping his toy train factory afloat and after a visit from his now famous old ‘friend’ he regrets not catching the football and wishes things were different… until a train conductor shows him that God has his reasons for things happening as they do in life and the alternate route to his life is not as pleasant as he imagines…

All in all I loved this movie. I like the movie’s message of being content with what God delivers in our lives; it was great for kids and me too. I also liked Steven Curtis Chapman’s song Meant to Be with music video included in the DVD extra features section. 🙂 I also enjoyed the humor and the realisticness of the financial problems people like you and I have to worry about. Though I am giving this a great review my only complaint is part of the plot kind of reminds me of the Jim Belushi movie Mr Destiny.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.