Christmas Miracle: A DVD Review

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A Vivendi Entertainment film

Going grocery shopping one day, I saw some of Wal-Mart’s recently released movies along side the checkout aisle. Some were terrible so I just ignored them completely, especially the Holiday Fluff films which companies claim to be representing the “Christmas” season, but I did see one film of interest: Christmas Miracle which inspired me to take a closer look. I read the description and saw the concept was interesting, and I also enjoyed the fact this was made from the same company who released A Mile in His Shoes and both WWJD movies; for those wondering one had John Schneider the other had John Ratzenberger.

Christmas Miracle concerns a group of strangers who get stranded together due to a snowstorm on Christmas Eve; how they all get stuck is suspenseful indeed. One car contains a father whose marriage is falling apart, one contains a widower who used to be a Pastor, another car has a newlywed couple with a bit of an age difference, another has an upper class couple who have been married for years but fight constantly, and the last vehicle is a former EMT worker. Each set of travelers contain their own set of baggage, and must band together within an old abandoned church in order to survive. What will they learn and experience within the old church? And will they have a good Christmas if even having one at all?

Right off the bat I have to say George Canyon, the actor who plays the EMT, is an excellent singer and I love the songs he sings in this movie. I also felt the events and lines written in Christmas Miracle were well done and for the most part were not unrealistic. The acting was very good, and although this was primarily a drama there were a few funny moments too. The theological messages portrayed throughout and at the end of the film I cannot help but feel are necessary for Christians and non Christians alike to hear; especially non-Christian viewers, because then believers can talk to  unbelievers about it. I recommend this as a good Christian, Christmas movie to add to your Christmas movie viewing pleasure and will tell my friends about it.

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


Disciplines of a Godly Family by Kent and Barbara Hughes

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By Kent and Barbara Hughes

Family is a word and concept talked about a lot in our society, but the idea of Family isn’t something people necessarily put enough practice or importance into as often as they should. Now I am desiring become a father in the near future, and because of that desire I want to prepare myself for that role in multiple ways. I picked up this book at my local Christian bookstore, because I want to learn how to be a great Dad, when the time comes, and I need any advice/suggestions to be ones which will glorify God. I wanted to see if the Hughes Family had some great, biblically based tips for readers like me.

Disciplines of a Godly Family is a sequel/expansion to Disciplines of a Godly Man, which was written by Kent Hughes, and Disciplines of a Godly Woman, which was written by Barbara Hughes. Together they share various details and suggestions on building/maintaining a great family. Some of the ideas they share are ones which they personally practiced together as a family, and others are ideas which they feel they should have used more often or used more effectively. The tips and advice shared within this book range from vacations, manners, discipline, food, education, character, Holidays, bonding activities, and many other important topics.

Obviously, Disciplines of a Godly Family did not address EVERYTHING, but what I did read was very good. It’s no surprise that some of the stuff The Hughes talk about are worth tweaking, but like they say in the book ” each family is unique“. Although certain details are going to be limited due to income or physical ability, much of the suggestions and advice I believe are reachable goals. I especially like how they emphasize the importance of reading; it is a dying trait in our society… (unless it’s a book which has recently become a movie) I like how they admit that no family is perfect, and that they don’t expect the reader to practice everything they talk about, because it shows honesty and consideration; they certainly had some hard times too and let readers know they will too. After reading Disciplines of a Godly Family not only do I plan to read this a second time, this time a loud with the wife, but also heavily encourage you to buy this today if you’re also desiring to start a family soon.

Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.

Brother White: A DVD Review

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A Pure Flix Film

Most of the films I’ve seen starring David A.R. White thus far have been pretty decent; though I can’t say I was a fan of In The Blink of an Eye. While searching online for more Christian based movies to watch/collect, I uncovered this feature film. Despite my lack of knowledge in gospel music, Brother White seemed interesting enough. But one thing which especially made me nostalgic was when I saw one of the actors was the step- mom from Sister Sister; though I probably remember the Mowry sisters much more.

Brother White, is about the White family which lives in California. James White is an Associate Pastor, however this father is one of many Associate Pastors. James doesn’t feel he’s been serving God like he feels he should, and frankly the mega church James works for also kinda wants to get rid of him. There is a church in Atlanta, Georgia which is in desperate need of a new leader  and James White jumps on this opportunity. Reluctantly his family moves with him to Atlanta and they have to go through a few trials. David has to learn how to connect better with both his new congregation and his family, the church itself has financial problems which need resolving immediately, and the local community has scars which need healing too.

In all honesty, I kinda picked this up thinking this would be mediocre but I wanted to try it anyway just in case, and though it’s not the best film it is definitely better than I expected. Brother White touches on some very important themes, some which I didn’t expect them to address. The cast was good but I enjoyed the actor who played Ezee especially, because of the uniqueness of his character. The story was decent, but I felt the church was able to get Bebe Winans a little too easily in the storyline; things just worked out well too quickly in my opinion. When I saw the early scenes of the White Family moving into the new neighborhood, I was actually a bit nervous at first that Brother White would portray black people exaggeratively but I’m relieved to say that I don’t believe the actors’ portrayals were inappropriate. Overall this is a decent film which I do give my recommendation for, especially if you are interested in hearing some gospel singing; the little girl is really good too by the way.

Movie Rating: 4 out of 5 stars.