Battles Men Face: Strategies to Win the War Within By Dr. Gregory Jantz

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By Dr. Gregory Jantz

Fear is an emotion I’ve dealt with much of my life. The fears and struggles have changed throughout time, but the overall feelings resulted by each fear and struggle has remained with the exact same effect. I am not afraid to admit I am an imperfect person, in fact this is one of the reasons why I love Jesus as I do, but I also have recognized as of late it is something which has held me back in life. Not too long after a conversation with my wife, I ran into Dr. Gregory Jantz’s book: Battles Men Face, which I hoped would give some clarity to what I’ve felt for a long time…

Battles Men Face: Strategies to Win the War Within is a self-help book, targeted for men, which guides the reader with both Christian theology and clinical psychology. Dr. Jantz examines The What, The Why, and The How of various issues Men face. He also guides men with patient testimonies, scriptural passages, and even personal experiences in order for readers to understand and relate to what’s going on within their hearts. Battles Men Face is a book which reveals many thoughts readers might have never thought about as specifically as they might think, and it is also a book which asks the reader some tough yet essential questions…

Though not every man has every problem Dr. Jantz describes, he writes about the inner struggle exactly how it is; at least within my heart. Partially thanks to Dr. Jantz’s book, I realize I have even more growing up to do but what I learned from his book is a good start on my journey. It was eye-opening for me to see a glimpse of why I struggle with the issues I do, and how I should respond to those issues from now on… Based on my personal experience reading Battles Men Face, I’m confident not only was this a very good book for me as a man, but also for any man who wants to be honest enough with themselves. The only complaint I have about Dr. Jantz’ book is every time, I remember, he sources scripture he uses The Message translation; I feel there are better translations out there than the MSG. Otherwise I did not see anything promoted by Dr. Jantz which is contrary to what scripture says. It’s great to see there is a Christian out there who isn’t just trying to help people with their issues, but is also trying to lead them to Jesus Christ; the most important thing a man and woman can do to respond to their inner struggles. I recommend this book highly, and I am encouraged to check out some of his other books as well.

Book Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.


Run On: A DVD Review

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filmed by Pure Flix

I’m very familiar with David A.R. White’s various roles, I remember Brad Stine due to his role in Christmas With a Capital C, and I was also sort of familiar with Tommy Blaze for his role in Marriage Retreat. I love a good laugh, and I’m a Christian so when I saw this on Netflix I was ready to see a piece of the Christian comedy world since the only other person I really heard was Tim Hawkins; I’ll have to review the dvd I got another day.

Run On is three different men performing in front of a live audience sharing a personal story about themselves. Each person tells their true life story through a comedic, yet also inspirational way. Each of them is letting the audience know not only how crazy life can be, but at the same time how awesome God is and how mysterious he can be sometimes…

Now you might be wondering: “Are these stories interesting?” or “Are any of these three funny?” I would answer each of those questions with yes. In regard to the thought: “who is the funniest?” in my opinion that was Tommy Blaze, partially because of the way he emphasized things lol. “Whose story is most interesting?” I would say David A.R. White’s simply because when I listened to him I kind of picked up on the idea that maybe the movie Holyman Undercover was a partial parody of his own life. “Who was the most unique?” without hesitation that was definitely Brad Stine, because I had no idea he could do tricks like swallowing a sai. As for “whose story was saddest?” despite being the funniest, Tommy Blaze’s story about his impending divorce was definitely the most sad especially with how he ends it… Each of the three men through their true life tales not only entertained me, but at the same time made me think more about how we desperately need God through our bad times in addition to our good times. We also see that God has things happen for reasons we don’t understand at the time, but later when we see how it resulted it makes much more sense. This is clean comedy with a purpose and I hope other aspects of the Christian comedy world are like this, because I’m tired of hearing my friends talk about comedy which involves F-bombs and crude subjects… I really liked this and recommend this to anyone.

TCP Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars