The Heart of Christmas: A DVD Review

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Christmas time is already approaching, I mean you can see it in the TV commercials so it MUST be true! Lol. Anyway, I wrote a blog entry not too long ago about the Three Types of Christmas movies, which I recommend you read when you have the time, and I started thinking about Christmas movies. At one point I even thought: “I should do research and see if there are more Christian Christmas films out there…” One day I went to my local Family Video and saw they had The Heart of Christmas available, and so I had some hopes on this being a really good and hopefully real Christmas film.

The Heart of Christmas, is a story about a busy business mom whose kids and husband don’t feel like they see or spend time with her enough. This mom barely manages to go trick or treat with her kids and when she does, she uncovers a house with Christmas decorations. She asks “why the early decorations?”, and a local hands her a business card and replies: “read this blog and you’ll understand.” So she starts reading the story of a boy named Dax and the painful journey his parents are making for him… The acting was very good from all the cast members, the quality and script were quite original, and the song by Matthew West is awesome! But, what I am about to write might sound heartless to some people and I apologize for that in advance. It is not my intent to be a jerk, however I feel this needs to be said.

The Heart of Christmas is misleading, because this is not a conventional Christmas film like you may imagine when observing the movie’s cover appearance and the title itself. So if you’re hoping for a movie which heavily relates to the Christmas season, and with which you can laugh/enjoy beside the whole family, this isn’t it. No, The Heart of Christmas is a very painful journey through the lives of a group of parents whose child is fighting off cancer.  I get the idea that you’re supposed to see this film and then say to yourself: “Wow… I could have it a whole lot worse. I should be grateful of what I have.” However, I felt it was unnecessary for that to be most of the movie itself, because I can’t imagine this being a film I can watch again and again and again. Basically, no disrespect intended, this movie was designed to be emotional porn meant to make you cry. (I am not misusing that word, look it up.) Though this is a necessary message for some people to hear, because there are a lot of ungrateful people out there and we also have to be realistic in that Christmas isn’t always full of smiles and giggles, it doesn’t really talk about WHY Christmas is even worth celebrating; it just hints Dax “just needs one last happy moment” with his family. I won’t discourage you from watching/purchasing the movie, because there are somethings within the movie I felt are worth seeing especially if you haven’t experienced Cancer for yourself, but I won’t be adding it to my library; I’m sorry if that sounds heartless.

Movie Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

p.s. Please don’t misunderstand my words. I take what they produced very seriously and my heart goes out to all children, especially the children involved apart of that kind of situation. I just can’t watch a movie like this again and again and again, because this will emotionally shock you just as certain horror films are designed to emotionally shock you; hence why I called this ’emotional porn.’ Also keep in mind I would rather watch this than many of the Holiday Fluff films being currently released like Kung Fu Panda Holiday Special.


Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler: A VeggieTales DVD Review

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A Big Idea Film

While waiting for The League of Extraordinary Vegetables to be released, I was interested in finding more titles to watch from the people of Big Idea. One in particular, gave me some interest because I have enjoyed some of the Sherlock Holmes stories, and I know when Veggietales makes a remake of a story they tend to do it very well. Yes I wanted to watch Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler, because of the story element, and I was also curious what they had to say about friendship… Sheerluck Holmes and the Golden Ruler is actually two separate stories contained within one DVD feature.

The first story is called: The Asparagus of La Mancha which is a spin-off of the literary classic Don Quixote De La Mancha, (literary classic worth checking out by the way) in that it involves Don a dreaming Asparagus and Mr. Lunt who plays his sidekick Pancho, a spin-off of Sancho Panza. Don and Pancho together own a restaurant called “La Mancha”, which was popular until a competitor called “The Food Factory” moves in next door and starts stealing their business. When business is waning Don gets desperate due to the influence of his strange dreams, while Pancho is being tempted to leave his friend and work for the Food Factory. The second story, which is Sheerluck Holmes, concerns Sheerluck Holmes and Dr. Watson; played by Larry and Bob. They are assigned a huge case involving the theft of a treasure contained within the Palace. But there is more to the story than the mere mystery of who and how, this also is a commentary on how to not be a good friend. What lesson does Sheerluck Holmes need to learn in order to not only find the Golden Ruler, but also keep his friendship with Dr. Watson?

In all honesty, though Sheerluck Holmes was a decent story, I actually liked The Asparagus of La Mancha better between the two tales. For some reason there just seemed to be more detail to The Asparagus of La Mancha plotwise, and it provided a deeper message to me. Both stories are good about talking about how to be a good friend, both at times were funny, the silly song: The Gated Community was a goofy barbershop quartet, and I like their overall theological message. Yes I do give this movie a strong recommendation, it’s worth checking out if you haven’t heard about it yet.

Movie Rating: 5 out of 5 stars.